Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday's Challenge

My friend Shannon from Fabrics N Quilts ( posted a challenge on her blog today.  

The challenge was to make a star block today for the Just One Star project. (You can find all the information about the Just One Star challenge at
Since my good friend ME and I had already planned on a sewing day today we decided to accept Shannon's Challenge and make some blocks. ME made a beautiful blue block which you can check out on her blog. (

And I made a blue block and a red block since I could not decide on which color I wanted my block to be.

We had a lot of fun making these blocks and can't wait to see what next Monday's challenge is.


  1. Hey Christine! coming in on saturday>? we have a mod meeting here... ;-)

  2. Awesome! Thanks so much for joining in the challenge & for supporting the quilts for vets project!

  3. I love your blocks, Christine. I am doing that through the Quiltsy team on etsy. They are going for a very worthy cause. I want to thank you for visitng my blog and signing up for my giveaway. I enjoy seeing you on facebook.

  4. Hey there Christine... I can never respond to your emails... if you go to your Dashboard or Profile Page. Click on EDIT PROFILE. look down
    (SHOW MY EMAIL ADDRESS) there should be a check mark in it.
    Scroll down; see the section titled IDENTITY. See the box labeled EMAIL ADDRESS. Your Email address should be in that box.
    If there is no email in that box or if you don't have the Show My Email Address box checked. You are a NO-REPLY blogger.

    ;-) V


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