Sunday, October 18, 2015

You Can Quilt Blog Hop

Happy Monday!
Welcome to the You Can Quilt Blog Hop!
Skill Builder Set 5
Wonky Blocks

I am so happy to be part of the You Can Quilt Blog Hop that is to introduce everyone to a fantastic new book written by Marlene Oddie (a fellow Island Batik Ambassador) and Leila Gardunia called You Can Quilt - Building Skills for Beginners. You can find the book at or on Marlene's Blog.

I volunteered to make the 3 blocks from Skill Builder 5, Wonky Blocks.

I used gorgeous earth tone Island Batik fabrics from the Fall/Winter 15 Collection called French Roasted to make my blocks. These fabrics will be presented at market so this is a sneak peak.

These blocks were very fun to make. I have never made wonky blocks before and being somewhat of a perfectionist when it comes to my quilting it was an interesting process. The directions were so easy to follow, they were clear, well written and the illustrations were perfect, The blocks came together quickly.

Wonky Long Cabin Block

Wonky Star Block

Wonky Nine Patch Block

These blocks are going to make a beautiful fall table runner. I need to pick up some more of the border fabric to finish my table runner.

I would recommend this You Can Quilt - Building Skills for Beginners for both new quilters and experience quilters as a great resource.  I used one of the foundation pieced blocks from the book for the Teal Mini Swap.  And look forward to making many of the other blocks from You Can Quilt - Building Skills for Beginners too!

Please check out the other bloggers to see more details about the book.

Oct. 9 – Ch. 1. Basics - Leila Gardunia
Oct. 12 – Ch. 2. HST - Tammy Silvers
Oct 14 – Ch 3. QST - Connie Kresin Campbell
Oct. 16 – Ch 4. Flying Geese - Maryellen McAuliffe
Oct 19 -- Ch. 5. Wonky - Christine McCrann Martinez
Oct. 21 – Ch. 6. Improvisation - Connie Kauffman
Oct. 23 -- Ch. 7. Foundation Paper Piecing - Joan Kawano http://
Oct. 26 – Ch. 8. Curves - Marlene Oddie
Oct. 28 -  Ch 9. One-Patch Blocks - Bea Lee
Oct. 30 – Ch. 10. Applique - Barbara Gaddy
Nov. 2 – Ch. 11. Inset Seams - Pamela Boatright
Nov. 4 – Ch. 12. Challenge Blocks - Linda Stewart Pearl http://
Nov. 6 – Ch. 13. finishing – Marlene

 Click on the Rafflecopter link below to enter to win one of 4 books and some great fabrics.

Rafflecopter Giveaway

I am having a giveaway for those who like, leave a comment and share my Facebook page post of You Can Quilt Blog hop post. The giveaway is for 3 fat quarters from Island Batik.  Please go like my Facebook page, Christine McCrann Martinez Qults.

Thank you for visiting!

Enjoy the You Can Quilt Blog hop!



  1. The blocks look great! I love the colors and fabrics you picked. I can't wait to see it finished. I really like the book, too. Lots of great ideas.

  2. I like your blocks and I have a hard time making wonky blocks, too. It just doesn't seem right. :-)

  3. I bet it was a bit hard to go off the beaten path but they look

  4. I like your block but I can't make your rafflecopter work. Great batiks!

  5. Great blocks. The fabric looks beautiful. jarvenpa1ne at gmail dot com

  6. Interesting, fun blocks! I have never tried a wonky block. Love your fabric selection too!

    1. The rafflecopter link is broken :-(

  7. Pretty blocks, rafflecopter link is not working.

  8. I'm usually one for following directions to a T but these wonky blocks are intriguing, I may have to give it a try.

  9. Yes, those blocks were interesting and fun. I love batiks!

  10. Batiks are my favorite and I really like yours


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