Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday Morning Star Count

Happy Monday!
This past week, I managed to sew my 42 hexies together.

And I have 21 flowers to add to my "Rose Garden" quilt. This is an old picture of my "Rose Garden" quilt.

I plan on piecing the back of "Rose Garden" so I put this piece together.

My "Rose Garden"quilt has been in storage since October and I am thinking it is time to go rescue her.
I am linking up with Jessica over at "Life Under Quilts" for Monday Morning Star Count.
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  1. Get Rose Garden and your Sapphire while you are there. Hope we can sew this week!!!

  2. You're going to EPP the back of a EPP'd quilt? Impressive. And there they say I was nuts. Wonderful colour schemes on your work.

    1. I didn't mean I was going to EPP the whole back of the quilt. I am going to piece the back from my stash.this piece of EPPs will be part of that piece of the backing. I am nuts but I hope I am not that nutty!

  3. You Show wonderful hexie work.

  4. Your mug rug is progressing nicely. How will you finish the edges?

  5. I'm very impressed with the Rose Garden Quilt. What size are your hexies and how many "roses" will it take for the quilt?


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