Friday, September 30, 2011


You just can’t make one. Hexies are addictive.

I wanted to share with you how I make my hexies.

I spent most of the summer working on making hexie flowers from my scraps for a quilt top. So far I have made 280 hexies which made 40 flowers. 

These need to be added to my garden!

I am using 1 1/2 inch plastic templates from Picking up the Pieces. They are called Quilt Patis, they come in all different sizes and are reusable. You can find them online. I just Google them and searched online quilt shops. I did find one packet at a LQS which I just could not pass up.

I cut out 3 7/8 fabric squares from my scraps and wrap the fabric around the plastic template holding the fabric on the plastic template with paper clips. I find the paper clips to work very well with holding the fabric in place while basting. I than baste the fabric around the plastic template to hold the fabric in place.

I attach the hexies together with a whipping stitch; the plastic template will pop out as you sew the flowers together.  I do leave the basting in the hexie. I figure it isn’t hurting anything and you can’t see the basting on the top of the hexie.

I love making hexies…they are such a portable project that you can take anywhere with you which made them such a great project for the summer.  I figure I need about 80 more flowers to finish my quilt top. I am thinking that maybe by next summer it will be done!

My garden!

Thanks for visiting!

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