Sunday, September 25, 2011

September = Teamwork
Even the tallest peaks are no match for teamwork.

I wrote this post a few weeks ago and just decided to post it.

I feel that things have been crazy since the middle of August and there hasn't been alot of sewing going on around here and this is why....It all started on Saturday, August 13, we left for vacation and had a great time at Walt Disney.

My children, Megan and Jorge.

We returned home on Tuesday, I came home with a terrible summer cold which would linger on for about 2 1/2 weeks.

On Friday, we had a water main pipe break on our street and were without water for 2 days. I had tickets for Jimmy Buffet for that Friday night so off we went to the concert. It also happened to be raining and the concert was outdoors. He does put on a good show. Yes, I left the kids home with no water and they survived!

Jimmy Buffet concert @ Jones Beach.

The following Tuesday we had an earthquake. It was a very strange feeling. I have never felt an earthquake before and don't care if I ever feel one again!

Here comes the weekend....Irene comes for a visit. I had to evacuate my home, go to stay with my mother in law, ( I did take my new Aurifil thread and my hexies with me) and prayed that there wouldn't be any water in my house upon my return. Good news! I did not get any water in my house but Irene left me a big mess that needed to be cleaned up. I lost the tree in my front yard but were lucky it did not hit the house. We had over a foot of water in our garage, so there is a major clean up that needs to be done there. The stuff that came out of the canal was just so gross. I started to call it stinkweed because I didn't know what else to call it. There was garden hoses, cans of paint, shoes, bottles, long pieces of grass, lots of wood and ...... the list could go on for ever. The worst part was the motor oil or gasoline smell that was also in the water. We had to shovel all the stinkweed into large contractor bags. We used over 20 contractor bags. Ugh!


I am very thankful that everyone is okay and life goes on....

Last weekend, I went to visit my sister and saw the 125th celebration of the Southhold Fire Department Parade. They had the largest American flag I have ever seen on the front of the fire house. What do you think?

Southhold Firehouse

Thank you for visiting!

~because nice matters~

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